Kardeli carabao meat products highlight celebration of Filipino Food Month in DA-PCC

Kardeli meat products

The Department of Agriculture Philippine Carabao Center (DA PCC) features Kardeli carabao meat products through the Caralutuan food vlog series as part of the celebration of the Filipino Food Month or Buwan ng Kalutong Pinoy 2021.

Kardeli was derived from the words carabao (meat) and delicacy. The brand represents the healthful and natural farm fresh goodness of meat products sourced from ethically grown carabaos in an environmentally sound and hygienic production system.

The Kardeli carabao meat and meat products are under the Meat Development Program planned by the DA-PCC through the Product Development and Innovation Section (PDIS), Animal Breeding and Genomics Section (ABGS), Production Systems and Nutrition Section (PSNS) and Carabao-based Enterprise Development Section (CEDS). The project includes sub-programs and activities such as breeding, feeding, development of quality meat products, and enterprise development.

“Kardeli has been an idea a few years back. Carabao meat products have already been available in the market even before the plan on Meat Development Program. DA-PCC at CLSU have produced carabao tapa, tocino and papaitan while DA-PCC at UPLB manufactured 10 variants of carabao meat sausage. The project will be a long-term program, which aims to formally re-introduce carabao meat in the market,” said Patrizia Camille Saturno, Science Research Specialist II (SRS II) of PDIS.

Initially, the agency has dwelled mainly on dairy production. Now, it will also implement a deliberate program for meat production. Saturno furthered that the project also intends to develop a carabao meat line wherein carabaos will be studied and bred specifically for meat production.

“Research studies show that carabao meat is similar to cattle meat [beef] in tenderness, texture and flavor especially when reared and fed for early slaughter. Furthermore, it provides lower cholesterol, lower calories and higher protein compared to beef. We want to break the stereotype that carabao meat is tough and has poor quality. If we could develop a meat line, we can produce higher quality carabao meat and meat products for the market,” she added.

The agency showcased Filipino dishes using the Kardeli carabao meat and meat products such as pre-packed choice cuts, gourmet sausages and specialty quick meals every Friday in the whole month of April through the Caralutuan food vlog series posted on the DA-PCC Facebook page.